Trip Advisor Hall of Fame Award Best Sushi in Kona

What do our customers say about Sushi Shiono?

I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and have traveled extensively. I have eaten sushi all over the world — literally all over the world — but Shiono has got to be one of my top three! The sushi fish was soooo fresh and the Hawaiian Volcano Roll I ordered was so yummy. Karaage chicken appetizer was crunchy outside and amazingly juicy inside. I was so happy at dinner I went back for lunch. I ordered the sashimi/tempura combo. The fish was just as fresh as the dinner sushi and their tempura was so light and tasty. On top of that, the price was reasonable. I would go there again, and again. I recommend Sushi Shiono for anybody wholeheartedly!!!
M.N. • Boston, MA

My wife and I went here based on some Yelp suggestions and were pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was wonderful and the staff was super-friendly and willing to accomodate any request. The drafts were $4 a pint which is awesome in my opinion. We had the Dynamite seafood appetizer and then stuffed ourselves with sushi rolls. My wife prefers sashimi to the rolls and the sushi chef recommended the New Zeland King Salmon instead of the normal salmon she usually gets. She loved it and we were excited to be trying something new. Now for the rolls... The Hawaiian Volcano roll is the best roll ever!!! I liked it so much I ordered a second one after I was done with everything. I just HAD to stuff myself it was that good. The deep fried Philly roll was something different and delicious as well. All-in-all we spent $125 for a night of awesome sushi and great laughs. I would recommend this place to anybody.
C.T. • Phoenix, AZ

Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! They had hamachi cheeks the night we were there and it may be the best thing we've ever eaten. Everything was of the highest quality, in a beautiful setting.............Shhh, don't tell anyone!
A.V. • El Cerrito, CA

After snorkeling in the early morning and hitting Kona Joe's for the coffee stash, we headed here for an anniversary lunch. Timing is everything. As we hit the door and proceeded to the sushi bar. The sushi chef was prepping a huge piece of Tuna that had just arrived. I uttered my favorite word, omakase, and it was on. First course after sake and beers he scraped the flesh from the skin and placed it in a terrine topped with fresh wasabi and a drizzle of ponzu. Before adding any seasoning whatsoever though, he placed a small amount on the back of his hand and tasted it. From this point on I knew we were in for a remarkaable experience. Silky buttery fatty goodness — what a start! Kei followed this up by some Moi sashimi: sweet morsels of firm white fish, topped with a just a sliver of jalapeno and drizzle of soy. What followed was a symphony of the best Kei had to offer. Witnessing his passion to demonstrate his free-form craft with no restrictions was amazing. We dined on more Moi, giant clam, and several other chef choices that were other worldly. It was such a euphoric experince my internal notebook crashed, and I cannot name them all. Perhaps the sake and beers contributed as well, but serioulsy If you get the chance, seek out this off the main path gem. Best sushi on the island by far. If you are lucky Kei will be there and he will wow you if you give him the chance.
K.H. • Peoria, AZ