The Legend of Shiono

Who is Shiono? Mr. Shiono is a Tokyo-based businessman who has been a part-time Kona resident for the past 20 years. He wanted a restaurant who could serve him excellent Japanese food in a relaxed environment. None of the other Japanese restaurants in Kona felt right.

He is also an avid deep-sea fisherman. He wanted a place which could cut and serve his freshly caught Ahi, Aku, and Bonito. One night, Mr. Shiono was talking to his friends who jokingly suggested him to open a restaurant.

So here we are, with one man’s little dream, now proudly serving the people of Kona and all the others who like to enjoy great sushi and a great atmosphere.

Come join us and live the dream of Mr. Shiono!

Whether you enjoy the sushi counter with our friendly expert chefs, having a fun family dinner, or a romantic evening for two we invite you to be our guests and experience great food and old-fashioned hospitality — island style!